Posted by: Clive | February 20, 2009

From blog to book

Those of you who have been keeping a reflective diary in the form of a blog may have been thinking how to get the blog into a form that can be submitted as a printed diary.

Here’s an easy way to do so using BlogBooker.

First you need to export your blog and save it to your desktop. In wordpress you do this from the dashboard:

This puts all your posts, comments, links and images into an xml file. Save this file to your desktop or anywhere else you can easily access it from.

You next need to go to Blog Booker where you will see:

Clicking on Get your blog as a PDF file you have to choose which blog platform you are using. Choose wordpress if you are using a wordpress blog.

Now you simply have to load the xml file you saved from the export your blog step here:

There are some settings you can play with in order to format the book how you want it. When you’ve finished click ‘create your blogbook’ and after a few minutes you’ll see a .pdf version of the blog which you can open and save.

That’s it. You now have a printed version of your blog in chronological order (remember blogs posts use reverse chronology) with a contents page, posts, images, links etc. etc.

Just think … if you had kept a blog, how easy it would have been!



  1. Whao!

    Another little piece of technology that sounds quite amazing. As ever, I’m impressed with the capabilities of this kind of freeware. I just wish I was more adventurous in using it!!

    Well done yet again,


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