Posted by: Clive | October 16, 2008

Submitting your proposal

Just a reminder: there are new procedures for submitting assignments in the Faculty. I did mention this at our first meeting this term but in the excitement of finishing your proposal and submitting it …

Details about those new procedures are available on our document archives page:

Can I also remind you that there will be an independent study workshop next Thursday, 23rd October, when we will begin to look at ‘reviewing the literature’. I will also use that session to ask you to sign your official electives forms.

Good luck in ‘polishing’ that proposal.



  1. Thanks, Clive. I actually tried to call you today to find out what the Unit Code is. Do you know?

  2. Hello everyone!

    I just spoke with Jill in the office and the Unit Code on the front page should be 21030055.

    Good luck!

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