Posted by: Clive | July 18, 2008

A sudden story

In an attempt to keep up with my twice weekly postings, here is something that I’ve been working on a wee bit: creating some audio files that I can deliver over the blog. I plan to do some of this over the next year to augment the input on the various units I teach. For now I’ve just been playing with the technology to see how easy and efficient it actually is. So here’s a recording of a short short story called ‘Sitting’ by H. E. Francis which was originally published in Sudden Fiction edited by James Thomas. Given the present housing crisis, I wonder how prophetic this might just be …


How did I do this?

  • record the story with the free software audacity
  • import some sound effects (street scene and intro/outro piano) from Freesound a copyright free music sample site
  • mix the tracks
  • export as .mp3
  • upload the .mp3 to the Internet Archive, a free storage space
  • write this post and include the code for audio in wordpress, pointing to the .mp3 on the internet archive
  • and that’s it.

The whole thing took less than 30mins and I’m still a novice. Hope you enjoy it.



  1. Ding dong. I really like this notion of hearing a voice tell a story, acting like a filter for the author’s voice, intonation and punctuation suggesting different nuances. I enjoyed the tale, I shall give it a try, but think 30 minutes might be ambitious! Maybe one verse of a favourite poem, or the shipping forecast… a different voice each day… endless possibilities…

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