Posted by: Clive | May 21, 2008

Poster display session

I think it was optimistic to think that we would be in a position at this relatively early stage to display preliminary posters synthesing our research directions. Never mind. Presumably you are all working towards that end and and are clear about the framworks for doing so.

I have posted a template for the poster in the document archive. Download the document which is a PowerPoint slide. Under the different headings in the template include your own ideas and thoughts thus far. Of course you can add headings. I would suggest you use this document as a work-in-progress that you can return to throughout the next 2/3 months. Upload it to your blog by writing a post and clicking ‘Add media’ – you can upload up to a Gb of materials to your blog which means it can act as a useful repository.

I will be in my office tomorrow morning and happy to see any of you with updates, questions, and or ideas. Keep posting to your blogs and if you haven’t already, check the ‘Comments’ section in your Dashboard. I have been commenting on a number of your blogs but suspect that I may be being treating as spam!

More soon.


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